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Coffee Nook Ideas for a Cozy Morning Ritual




Every morning, my partner quietly crawls out of bed to attend to his first task of the day: making me a coffee. It started as a display of love. He doesn’t drink coffee (bizarre!), but I dream of it when I fall asleep. And now, it’s grown into a ritual. He says he loves the act of grinding the beans, filling the Bialetti, and pouring the steaming liquid into one of my favorite mugs. Plus, he enjoys tucking into our cozy coffee nook—an unexpected spot in our pantry that’s turned into a meditative reprieve.

If our coffee nook is any suggestion that joy can happen anywhere in the home, it’s also a reflection of our times: We all want to slow down. And we all want to experience more mindfulness, even when doing the ordinary. So we can start in the smallest ways, like creating a nook for a morning ritual that feels cozy and purposeful.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

Image by Michelle Nash

Coffee Nook Ideas to Inspire Your New Favorite Morning Routine

Since most of us prepare some warm drink in the morning, be it coffee, matcha, golden milk, or even adaptogenic hot chocolate, we have at least one opportunity a day to turn a simple routine into one that’s meditative and beautiful. The following coffee nook ideas have inspired our little morning spot.

Plus, once the coffee (or tea, or golden milk… ) is made, there’s another chance to feel good—i.e., when you tuck into a cozy corner to drink it.

Image by Jenn Verrier Photography courtesy of Folding Chair Design.

What Is a Coffee Nook?

Google coffee nook ideas and the terms coffee station, coffee bar, and coffee corner pop up. While there’s no specific definition for the term, a coffee nook is a dedicated place that corrals all the essentials—mugs, beans, spoons, etc.—for making your perfect cup. 

That’s exactly what a coffee nook is: a sacred spot to make something meaningful.

I love leaning into the word nook, which the Oxford dictionary defines as a “corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security.” Because that’s exactly what a coffee nook is: a sacred spot to make something meaningful.

Image courtesy of PLUCK.

What are the perks of a coffee nook?

You may wonder, I have a coffee maker, why do I need a dedicated nook for it? I think about this the same way I do any mindful practice: By creating a safe and beautiful spot for something, we infuse more meaning and intention into it. Even more, everything we put in our bodies deserves a dose of good energy. Taking the time to make our coffee or tea with care results in greater pleasure and flavor.

Essentially, it’s about being present. Camille put it best: “It’s those simple little cues that speak to my senses, reminding me to be present and acknowledge the moment as sacred,” she says of greeting the day.

By creating a safe and beautiful spot for something, we infuse more meaning and intention into it.

Photo by Stacy Goldberg, courtesy of UKB

How do you create a coffee nook?

First, find a place that speaks to you. Pay attention to your rhythms in the morning: Is there a quiet corner or spot on the counter that you always visit? Claim an area that feels good. 

Next, place your coffee or tea maker, a favorite mug or two, a milk frother (if needed), and any accouterments, such as sugar or honey. I love to put all of this on a beautiful tray, if possible. Doing so keeps any clutter contained and marks the nook.

7 Coffee Nook Essentials

Image by Michelle Nash.
Image by Nicole Dianne, courtesy of Collected Interiors

Where do you drink your coffee?

Once you’ve made your cup, stay with the moment. Find a place that allows you to savor those minutes as you sip. I love interior designer Maria Wu’s advice for finding the perfect place to enjoy your cup: “I like to observe the habits of a cat which generally translates to where the warmth of the sun streams into the space the strongest in the morning,” says Wu. “The sun energizes and provides warmth—and having that quiet energy allows for one to ease into the day.”

Image courtesy of Studio Wu

To build upon your mindful morning routine, let Camille’s intentional AM rituals inspire your own.


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