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How This Entrepreneur is Transforming Workplaces for Women Worldwide




Tiffany Pham says her grandmother is the reason why she started her company, Mogul. “She was such a mogul herself. She was this incredible woman who ran businesses in Asia and was always looking to provide people in need with opportunities.” When her grandmother passed away, Pham made a promise to herself that she would follow in her grandmother’s footsteps. Today, her global diversity recruitment company is transforming workplaces for women around the world. She sat down with Jessica Abo to talk about how Mogul works and her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. To watch the full interview, click on the video above.

Jessica Abo: Tiffany, tell us about Mogul and how it works.

Mogul is a global diversity recruitment company that is made up of three parts. The first part is our talent ecosystem. That’s where we support women, minorities, veterans and people with disabilities. We really nurture them and cultivate them to reach their greatest potential.

Then, next, we have our talent solutions. That is where we provide Fortune 1000 companies and many of the world’s leading startups, scale-ups, IPO and companies with software solutions and services to help them transform their workplace.

And then the third part of Mogul is our social impact. Everything that we do internally and externally aims to give back towards global good. We aim to provide diverse talent in need with educational opportunities and economic access to enable them to reach their greatest potential and help the world to grow to its greatest potential.

What kind of support does Mogul provide?

Mogul supports women and diverse professionals by providing them with a platform at where we enable them to join and provide their information — and then from that information, provide them with access to industry leaders, access to opportunities and ultimately access to learning that is going to enable them to accelerate their skill sets and themselves.

Does someone need to be at a certain level in their career to benefit from Mogul?

Mogul supports at all levels. So you can be entry-level, mid-level, senior-level, at the board level, and we’ll still be able to help you no matter what, be able to achieve that next step in your career, be able to accelerate yourself to grow to, again, your greatest potential.

What are some of the services that you offer?

Mogul offers our Diversified Search Services, which is essentially us using our own technology to place roles on behalf of our clients. Our clients are turning to us because they believe either they have a lack of capacity on their end, or that our methodologies are superior, leading to better results. Using our own technology, we’re able to be more comprehensive and thus inclusive in our efforts. And as a result, the right person is being selected for the role.

And what I love about this is that it is creating true change in our clients’ workplaces. It means that at the board level, for example, more women are being placed, more people of color, more veterans and people with disabilities.

Given your experience, what advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

In these times of turmoil, always trust your instincts. Throughout childhood, throughout your teen years, throughout your 20s, your 30s and onwards, these experiences have all shaped your intuition, your knowledge of what’s meant to happen, what’s meant to be for yourself. And as a result, always trust it.

As an executive, as an entrepreneur, for example, over time, a lot of incredible team members have joined you and they’re helping you and they’re supporting you in this journey that you’ve undertaken to build this company that’s creating impact. But from time to time, something will strike you, something will hit your gut, and you should speak up. You should trust that gut. If something’s not sitting well with you, it’s probably not right. Speak up. Trust your gut.


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