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Office Desk Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Work Space




I believe in a three-step formula for the perfect home workspace setup. First and foremost is a thoughtful flow, featuring well-placed storage cabinets, ample outlets, and organizational trays. Then, there are the all-important personal touches. But the third element is more elusive. It relies on a sort of vibrancy that keeps your most focused setup from becoming stale. One of the best ways to keep your office vibe elevated: switching things up with cool office desk decor ideas. 

They may be simple to swap in and out, but each new office element deserves to be considered. To help you find fresh desk accessories, I scoured the internet for baskets, lamps, and catchalls with a story, so you can stay productive and inspired.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

Image by Suruchi Avasthi

15 Office Desk Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Workspace in 2023

Better Bookends

The Citizenry’s gorgeous goods are crafted around the globe. This luxe solid brass bookend, made by a group of 35 artisans in Pune, India, adds an air of effortless cool to your desktop collection.

A Clean-Lined Desk Lamp

Using 3D-printing technology, the San Francisco-based lighting brand Gantri collaborates with artists and creatives to craft unique, modern lighting (using plant-based materials) at accessible price points.

Stylish and Stationery

Stashing pencils, scissors, and the like feels far more elegant with Ferm Living’s elegant brass pencil holder.

Turn Books Into Art

Stack your books up straight or stagger the rotatable shelves for something a bit more tree-like. Afteroom’s bestselling bookcase (which comes in a variety of mod colors) adds a touch of clean-lined whimsy to any office space—big or small.

Add a Reed Diffuser…

This Austin-based company partners with local florists for their naturally dried flowers, with therapeutic scents that are perfect for stimulating your home office space in lieu of candles.

…Or Opt for Some Incense

If you prefer the mood-lifting rush of incense to the slow burn of reed diffusers, consider a base that doubles as a chic desktop accessory.

Cooler Kleenex

Thanks to the talented illustrators and stationers at UK-based Cambridge Imprint, your trusted tissues no longer have to disrupt your desk’s aesthetic flow.

Depth and Display

There’s nothing quite like a vase that’s sculptural enough to stand on its own—with or without any added greenery. Handmade in Mexico, the Caza Zuma beauty adds visual impact while remaining understated.

Slick Storage

With its sleek sliding stores, this diminutive beauty from Kartell is high on style and storage.

Let It Take Shape

We love the story and friendship behind Ecru’s gorgeous home goods, which recently began shipping to the U.S. The Jaipur-based brand’s tiny, star-shaped catchalls come in a variety of natural stones.

Take a Stand

This contemporary-style stand looks far more expensive than it really is, blending form, function, and slump-free papers.

Rethink the Catchall

This gold-rimmed tray from British brand Dar Leone, featuring reimagined traditional West African textiles, looks like a true vintage treasure.

Vibrant Real Estate

We love the idea of a colorful pouf to add tabletop square footage almost as much as we love Eva Sonaike’s energizing West African-inspired textiles.

Coastal Inspiration

Inspired by the canyons of Malibu, these glazed stoneware bowls double as earthy catchalls when arranged on a desk.

Turn Walls Into Storage

Keep the clutter aloft with this angular, untreated oak wood wall hanging, featuring eight removable pockets.

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